January 28 2019
Hey Elena!!!
Shes doing faaaabulous!!!!
Her and my boxer are so happy already!!
They love each other!
The only issue so far is when she goes in her krate at night.
Shes got a little separation anxiety...

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September 01 2016
We got this little guy over 2 years ago and he has been the best addition to our family with the greatest personality you could ask for.
Here’s a few pictures just to let you know how loved he is oh and...
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Portos (E1)
January 01 1970
Aramis (E4)
January 01 1970
Today is brought to you by the Letter "T" !!!
He's Sooooooooo good!!!!!++

Slept in a bed 2 nights!
First chewy bone! Totally silly!
He's already learned how to go through the ...

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Thank you so much, I really appreciate your time!
she's doing great!
I'll be sending lots of pictures, she's so cute!
thank you again:)


Also just wanted to let you know she's...

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Good evening!
Our new pup is adjusting to her new home nicely.
We named her Koko.
She gets along well with our yorkie and our kids love her!


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